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Easy Tips for Having Healthier Teeth During the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and for many people, this is their favourite time of year. But the wide choice of sugary treats, late-night celebrations and additional alcohol consumption can play havoc with dental health. Follow these easy tips to maintain good dental health in Ajax during the holidays.

1.    Don’t eat too much sugar as mouth bacteria feast on the leftovers, producing harmful acid that increases the risk of tooth decay. Children’s teeth are even more vulnerable to tooth decay in Oshawa as their tooth enamel is thinner and weaker compared with adult teeth. You don’t need to avoid sweet treats entirely but avoid snacking and instead have them as part of a main meal as the mouth is already more acidic, so damage is reduced. Also, bear in mind sugar is present in many foods like dried fruits, fruit juices and other sweet beverages.
2.    If there is a cheese board, finish your meal with a piece of cheese as it is high in calcium that helps to strengthen tooth enamel and chewing cheese stimulates saliva flow. Saliva is a protective fluid that helps to reduce acidity levels more quickly while washing away excess food particles and bacteria.
3.    Moderate your alcohol consumption by drinking a glass of water after every alcoholic drink or by frequently sipping on plain water to dilute the effects on your teeth…you will feel better in the morning too! Alcohol can be high in sugars and acids, can stain teeth, and it can increase the risk of accidents. A bad fall could potentially damage your mouth.
4.    If you have kids, fill a custom advent calendar with little trinkets instead of candy. Dollar stores are a great place to look for bouncing balls, crayons and hair clips and other fun items. Another idea is to create a custom puzzle by writing a special message on a blank puzzle. Place a puzzle piece in each day of the advent calendar, so your kid has a complete puzzle by the end.
5.    Don’t use your teeth as tools when wrapping presents or while unwrapping them too! It takes moments to get the right tools and is far quicker and cheaper than coming to see us here at Margolian Dentistry for a chipped or broken tooth.
6.    Avoid crunching on nutshells or hard candies or ice cubes, as these can all damage your teeth. However, fresh nuts are often a great snack as they contain lots of important nutrients that help to keep bones strong and healthy. Just be sure to buy them shelled or reach for the nutcrackers.
7.    Stock up on oral care products and especially if you are going away, as, after all, no-one wants to spend their holidays shopping for toothpaste or dental floss.
8.    The holidays are a great time to treat yourself and your family to new toothbrushes, and an electric toothbrush can make a nice present for someone that they will use every day.

As the end of the year draws near, it’s a great time to think about your oral health and to make sure you are up to date with your dental checkups and hygiene appointments. If you are due for a visit, why not schedule an appointment for the new year? Lastly, if you have been experiencing any oral health issues it is an especially good idea to book an appointment to see your dentist before the holidays. Don’t wait until your local dental office in Whitby is potentially closed for a couple of days as you could end up searching for an emergency dentist, and that is no way to spend your hard-earned time off.

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