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How Loose Dentures Can Affect Health

Are you a denture wearer who has trouble with eating or speaking, or generally wearing dentures comfortably? Do you sometimes avoid social situations where you need to speak with strangers or enjoy a meal with others? The embarrassment of wearing loose and uncomfortable dentures that can frequently slip out of place is very real, but there are solutions.

Firstly, if wearing dentures is negatively affecting your life, you are not alone, and secondly, it is important for oral and overall health to find a good, long-lasting solution for missing teeth. Despite improved oral health care in Whitby, complete or partial loss of teeth is still a major problem, and while dentures have been the standard of care for over a century, they are certainly not without problems! One of the major issues with tooth loss is how it affects the jawbone.

Tooth Loss and How It Affects the Jawbone
When you lose teeth, the bone that supported these teeth will remodel, gradually losing shape and height as the bone is resorbed. As a result, dentures that initially fitted quite well will become looser and less comfortable and especially when you have a lower denture. Many people try to address this problem by using denture adhesives, but these can be messy and expensive and don’t represent a long-lasting solution. Additionally, when teeth don’t fit securely, it’s trickier to eat foods that are tougher to chew. Some people will modify their diets in less healthy ways, choosing to eat fewer vegetables or protein and instead opting for foods containing more fat and which are easier to chew. Without good nutrition, it’s harder to fight infection and disease, and it can significantly impact overall health.

These are all reasons why people wearing dentures or who are facing tooth loss are frequently advised to consider dental implants in Ajax. Dental implants are the most modern, long-lasting solution and treatment is very versatile.

Improving Quality of Life with Dental Implants
When you are missing teeth, it can negatively affect your overall quality-of-life, which is why dental implants can be such a good choice of treatment. Dental implants can help you avoid dentures altogether by providing you with a fixed prosthesis in the form of a dental bridge supported by implants, or you may wish to consider an overdenture which is an implant retained denture.

Implant-Supported Bridge
An implant-supported bridge eliminates the need for dentures using several optimally placed dental implants to support a new bridge of teeth. The teeth are permanently fitted onto the dental implants and either screwed or cemented in place so they can only be removed by our dentist in Oshawa. As you can imagine, this is an enormously popular solution because it restores your ability to smile and talk confidently, and your biting strength is far greater, so you’ll be able to eat just about anything you like. However, it is also worth talking about an overdenture.

Implant-Supported Denture
One of the huge advantages of having an implant-supported denture is that relatively few dental implants are needed. The implants are located in such a way to make the best use of available jawbone, often eliminating the need for other procedures such as bone grafting and ensuring treatment is very affordable. An implant-supported denture will give you far greater biting strength than an ordinary denture, and it clips onto the dental implants and is held firmly in place, giving you the freedom to enjoy life.

If you do wear dentures and are fed up with the way they are affecting your life, come and talk to us here at Margolian Dentistry and discover how we can help you.

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