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Make your life easier with Dental Crowns

As you age, you may find yourself with teeth that are no longer structurally sound. Lost fillings, decay, chipped or cracked enamel, and root canals can all cause defects in the surface of your teeth. When these defects compromise the strength and stability of your teeth, your dentist may advise you to cover them with crowns. At Margolian dentistry we perform these artificial restorations To directly get in touch with us, call us on 905-436-2400. What are crowns? Crowns are artificial restorations that fit over your teeth. When cemented in place, they fully encase the entire visible portion of your damaged teeth, making them strong and giving them a natural appearance. Crowns can be made from a range of materials, including: Porcelain These crowns are thin and require less tooth preparation, making them suitable for tighter spaces in the mouth. Their translucency renders them an esthetically pleasing choice. Porcelain bonded…

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Feb 5, 2016 | Posted by

Management of Broken Teeth at Margolian Dentistry

Have you ever had that sinking feeling after biting into something soft and chewy and feeling something hard and crunchy instead? You’ve chipped or broken a tooth, but what should you do next? First try to assess the damage by determining whether it’s a chip or a whole tooth. A broken or chipped tooth is usually not a dental emergency unless you are experiencing a great deal of pain or bleeding, but you should contact a dentist for an appointment shortly afterward. Be sure to mention that you have a broken tooth so we can fit you into our schedule quickly. After a thorough evaluation, we’ll recommend a course of action. If it is a small chip, we may simply smooth it out. For a larger break, the dentist may fill in the space with a composite material that matches your other teeth. Emergency Dental Care If you are in…

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Feb 4, 2016 | Posted by