7 common but serious dental issues!

Hygienic oral health & its importance sometimes fall short because of our hectic lifestyle. The right method of oral care which can keep your teeth healthy is easy to achieve. Here are 7 common dental issues which we need to consider.

  1. Brushing your teeth twice a day: –

Yes! most of us know since our childhood about twice a day brushing but fail to do it which is the most essential aspect to avoid oral cavities & decay. Almost a quarter of people in Canada don’t have the habit of twice daily brushing. It has been found that bacterial growth & proliferation can be controlled by regular brushing. So make sure you brush your teeth twice a day whenever and wherever possible.

  1. Wrong technique of Brushing:-

The right method of brushing is equally important as brushing. We often miss areas of the mouth while brushing. While brushing our teeth, we must consider having every tooth cleaned and its total surface area covered. In fact in a hurry, we generally skim brush in and around which leads to plaque on our teeth and across the gum line, ultimately resulting in cavities and gingivitis. Besides that, make sure not to brush your teeth too hard as you may damage your soft gums.

  1. Wrong toothbrush Selection:-

The dentists at Margolian Dentistry recommend brushes with a small round head and soft bristles as they ease you to reach every portion of your mouth and don’t affect your gums.

  1. Regular toothbrush replacement:-

You may be using the right toothbrush but if the bristles of the brush have spread & lost its strength, it should be replaced. Purchase multiple brushes and always keep one spare at your bathroom cabinet. Toothbrushes with week bristles make it difficult to cover the complete oral surface area and effective plaque removal.

  1. Dental floss use:-

Practicing good brushing techniques is a great start, but flossing helps to overcome the problems of plaque and food particles that stack up at the narrow space between your teeth. The plaque built up around the gum line is one of the common causes of gum disease which can be prevented through everyday flossing.

  1. Excess sugar and chocolate

Our food items are one of the main causes of tooth decay. Regular taste of fast foods and fizzy drinks are the big enemy of your tooth. Make sure that you enjoy sugary and fizzy drinks in moderation and drink water after so that your healthy teeth say thank you.

  1. Not visiting the dentist:-

You may perceive to have excellent oral health but we at drmargolian suggest to visit the dentist twice a year.

Consulting the dentist helps you to identify and address any oral problems right at the beginning that you may be unaware of. At drmargolian, our expert team of dentists uses new techniques such as digital x-ray, microscopic dentistry, intra-oral camera to check even minute symptoms of major oral infection such as oral cancer along with providing recommendations to maintain healthy teeth& smile. Visit www.drmargolian.com for oral care and brushing techniques.

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