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Should I Replace My Amalgam Fillings?

Silver coloured amalgam fillings have been used for decades because this material is durable and long-lasting. However, amalgam isn’t the prettiest way to repair damaged teeth especially as amalgam can discolour over time. Additionally, some people have concerns about the safety of amalgam due to its mercury content although it has been proven to be safe for use in numerous studies.

We Continually Monitor the Condition of Restorations
No filling will last forever, and our dentist in Whitby will carefully monitor the condition of all your fillings at your regular checkups, including any amalgams. When the time comes, we can safely remove your amalgam filling, ensuring it is properly disposed of so the mercury will not harm our beautiful environment. If you would prefer for your amalgam filling to be removed before it reaches the end of its life, then it’s worth mentioning this to our dentist. Once your fillings are removed, we can replace them with something that is much nicer to look at.

Why Replace Your Fillings with Advanced Composite Resin?
While amalgam might be safe, here at Margolian Dentistry we prefer to restore our patients’ teeth using the most advanced tooth coloured composite resin. Once these tooth coloured fillings are placed, they are virtually invisible, providing you with a much more cosmetically pleasing restoration. We keep a huge stock of different colours of composite resins, including different translucencies so we can always accurately match your filling to your natural tooth.  In addition to being more cosmetically appealing, there are several advantages in using tooth coloured composite resin, especially as it’s what’s called a biomimetic material.

What Are the Advantages of a Biomimetic Material?
Biomimetic materials mimic the natural structure of the tooth and composite resin has properties that are very similar to dentin which is the layer of the tooth just underneath your tooth enamel. These biomimetic qualities enable composite resin to successfully connect to your natural tooth, creating a mechanical and physical bond. This bond is extremely strong and helps to prevent the composite resin from shrinking, ensuring your tooth feels comfortable while disease-causing bacteria are prevented from entering the tooth. Whenever you eat something hot or cold or when you chew on a composite resin filling, it will react in a way that is very similar to your natural tooth. This isn’t true for amalgam fillings because when they contact hot or cold then they expand or contract and over time these continual movements can create microfractures in a tooth, weakening its structure.

Composite Resin Fillings Preserve More of Your Healthy Tooth
There’s another advantage in choosing composite resin fillings if you happen to develop a new cavity. When preparing a tooth for a composite resin filling, our dentist in Ajax will only need to remove tooth structure that is damaged, preserving more of the healthy tooth. In contrast, when an amalgam filling is placed, the dentist needs to remove more of the potentially healthy tooth structure to help hold the filling material in place because unlike composite resin, it cannot bond with the tooth.

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays for Larger Cavities
Composite resin is ideal for small to medium-sized fillings, but if you need a larger restoration then we can make beautiful porcelain fillings called inlays and onlays. These are also considered to be a biomimetic material because porcelain closely mimics your tooth enamel. Once bonded onto your tooth, it will look as good as new and your porcelain filling will be virtually invisible.

If you think you need a filling or simply need a checkup, then contact our dentist to get the very best dental care in Oshawa.

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