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Would You like to Whiten Your Teeth? Ask Us about Professional Teeth Whitening

Would you love to whiten your teeth? Are you self-conscious about your smile? You might be interested in how to whiten your teeth professionally. There is no denying that a whiter smile looks more attractive and potentially more youthful, but most of us are not naturally blessed with a sparkling smile. Ageing, food and lifestyle choices can cause teeth to darken and stain over time.

Why Whiten Professionally?
A professional tooth whitening treatment with us here at Margolian Dentistry is the very safest and most effective way to regain a beautifully radiant smile. Before you can have a teeth whitening treatment in Ajax, our dentist will need to examine your teeth and gums. A quick dental exam is essential because we must make sure you do not have any signs of gum disease or tooth decay or any other issues that could affect your whitening treatment. Whitening an unhealthy mouth could worsen any dental problems and could cause tooth sensitivity, both of which we want to avoid.

Our Whitby dentist can also assess the colour of your teeth and can determine the effectiveness of this treatment. Your mouth is unique, and everybody’s teeth whiten slightly differently. If you have any existing dental restorations, for example, any crowns, bridges, veneers or white fillings, a tooth whitening treatment will not affect their colour. Certain teeth, such as any that have become stained due to tetracycline use, exposure to excess fluoride or which have darkened due to root canal therapy might not respond so well to teeth whitening. Don’t worry, as we can always suggest suitable dental treatments to ensure your teeth will whiten evenly. During this appointment, we will discuss available teeth whitening options and can help you decide which treatment is best for your needs. Your choice includes in-office teeth whitening using Philips Zoom whitening system, and we also supply fully customized home whitening kits.

Whitening In-Office
We use Zoom whitening because it’s one of the most effective and well-respected systems available today and is used worldwide, providing safe and predictable results. With a Zoom teeth whitening, your lips and gums are protected before your teeth are painted with professional strength whitening gel. Next, the gel is activated with a special dental laser because this helps the gel to penetrate your tooth enamel more efficiently so that deep-seated stains can be lifted more easily. We may wipe off and reapply the gel several times during your treatment. Once completed, your teeth will be several shades brighter, so you can leave our dental office with a beautifully white smile.

Custom Home-Whitening Kits
Alternatively, you can choose to whiten more slowly in the privacy of your own home. Your custom kit includes teeth whitening trays made to fit comfortably over your teeth. We will show you how to fill the trays, and how to insert and remove them. You can wear the trays for a few hours each day or leave them in overnight. The whitening gel prescribed for these kits isn’t as strong as the gel used in-office as it is designed for home use, but you will notice a difference in just a few days. It takes a couple of weeks to get the full results.

Often patients will use a combination of both treatments, first whitening their teeth in our comfortable dental practice, before using the custom whitening kit to top up the results when necessary.
Why wait any longer? Professional teeth whitening in Oshawa will soon have your smile looking its radiant best.

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