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Can a Gummy Smile be Corrected?

Have you noticed your smile looks a bit ‘gummy?’ Does it appear as if your upper teeth are too short? It could be that your teeth are covered up by an excess of gum tissue, affecting the overall aesthetics of your smile. A gummy smile is quite a common problem, but if it is making you feel self-conscious when you smile or talk with others, it’s worth discussing the problem with your Whitby dentist. Usually, a gummy smile can be corrected with a straightforward treatment called gum recontouring, but this depends on the cause.

What Can Cause a Gummy Smile?
Sometimes a gummy smile is simply due to teeth being covered up by too much gum tissue. As a result, these teeth can appear too short although they may be the perfect length. Other times, showing an excess of gum tissue could be due to the way your upper jawbone developed. Some people have an excess of jawbone that protrudes underneath the gum tissue. Yet another reason is due to the muscle controlling the movement of your upper lip. It is possible for this muscle to be hyperactive, resulting in your upper lip being raised higher than normal when you smile, exposing more of your gums. These are all factors that can affect the aesthetics of your smile.

What Should an Aesthetically Pleasing Smile Look like?
Your smile is affected by several different factors which include the shape and size of your lips, the shape and size of your teeth, your facial muscles and your gum tissue. Ideally, you should reveal very little gum tissue when you smile, and it should evenly frame your teeth, creating contours that work harmoniously with your upper lip. Unfortunately, people with a gummy smile or who show too much gum tissue often feel their teeth and smile isn’t attractive, and they will go to great lengths to hide their teeth.

How We Can Help
If you are concerned that you show an excess of gum tissue or feel that your gums aren’t nicely framing your teeth, it’s worth discussing this problem with us here at Margolian Dentistry. Our dentist can carefully assess your mouth to determine the reasons for your gummy smile. We may want to take digital dental x-rays to gain a clearer picture of your dental health and to decide how best we can help you.

What Type of Treatments May Be Suggested?
The type of treatments recommended depends on the reason for your gummy smile. If you have an overactive muscle in your upper lip, this might require surgical treatment. Other possible procedures include orthodontics or treatments to sculpt the gum tissue and bone surgically. Usually, these more advanced procedures are unnecessary and mild cases of a gummy smile can be treated with laser dentistry in Ajax.

Why Use Laser Dentistry?
Our dental office is equipped with an advanced dental laser which can quickly remove excess gum tissue. It is a more comfortable treatment than using a dental scalpel, and the risk of side-effects such as swelling is reduced. Laser treatment is extremely precise, allowing our skilled dentists to gently recontour your gums, sculpting them, so they frame your teeth more evenly. Healing is faster, and there is no need for stitches because the laser energy effectively seals treated areas. Sometimes this treatment is useful for preparing teeth before they are crowned or veneered, creating more aesthetically pleasing results. It may also help to improve periodontal or gum health.

Gum recontouring is just one of many cosmetic dental treatments in Oshawa, and it can be highly effective in creating a more perfect and attractive smile. Contact us to see if it’s right for you.

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