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Holiday Tips for a Healthy Smile

Many of us are looking forward to taking a few days off, and we are sure you don’t want to spend them seeking an emergency dentist in Whitby. With regular routines disrupted, it is all too easy to do something out of the ordinary and which could damage your teeth. Follow these easy tips to ensure you enjoy a healthy smile this holiday season.

Resist Using Your Teeth as Tools
We know opening gifts and packages is fun, but don’t ruin the joyful moment by tearing into parcels with your teeth! Trying to open bottles or cracking nuts is even worse and could crack or chip your teeth. It takes just moments to reach for the proper tools and could save you a lot of time and money in the dental chair.

Say No to Hard Candies and Chewy Treats
Holiday treats are often sticky or very hard, and neither are great for dental health. Sticky treats can pull out fillings and are tricky to remove entirely from your teeth, increasing your risk of cavities. Crunching on very hard treats like candy canes can chip your tooth enamel. Instead, look for treats that dissolve more easily such as chocolate, and try to have them as part of a main meal when the damage to your pearly whites is reduced.

Choose Fresh Fruit over Dried
Dried fruits are in many seasonal treats, but if you can, choose fresh fruit instead. Sugars are far more concentrated in dried fruits, and they are incredibly sticky. The bacteria on your teeth will love you for feeding them so well, but their ways of saying ‘thanks’ is to produce acids that dissolve your teeth, eventually causing cavities.

Say ‘Yes Please’ to Cheese
Snacking on cheese or ending a meal with cheese is great for dental health. Cheese is packed with protein and calcium and chewing on cheese stimulates saliva production. Saliva is naturally protective, helping to wash away excess food and bacteria, and reducing acidity in the mouth, so your chance of getting cavities is lower. Go ahead and raid that tempting cheese platter!

Be Sensible When Drinking Alcohol
‘Tis the season to be merry, but it makes sense to drink plenty of water in between alcoholic drinks. Your head will feel so much better the next morning, and too much alcohol dries out your mouth.

Tuck into Turkey
Turkey and other lean meats are a healthy and nutritious choice, and especially when you load up your plate with lots of vegetables. Also, there are often lots of healthier food choices available at get-togethers, such as fresh veggies and yogurt-based dips or hummus, so fill up on these healthier foods before having more indulgent treats.

Be Prepared
If you are going away, make sure you have all the dental supplies you need. Pack a toothbrush (or celebrate the season with a brand-new brush) and your favourite toothpaste, as well as dental floss. If you know you are going to an all-day or late-night event, it’s nice to pack a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, just in case!

You can also purchase emergency dental kits over-the-counter and which include temporary dental cement to cope with loose crowns to tide you over until you can see a good dentist in Oshawa. If you lose a filling, you can make a temporary filling by inserting a small piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity and which will help prevent the tooth from feeling too sensitive.

Finally, enjoy the season and make the most of spending time with friends and loved ones. After it is all over, don’t forget to contact Margolian Dentistry to schedule your next dental check-up in Ajax.

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