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Are You Concerned About Bad Breath? We Can Help!

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, February is often considered to be the month of love. However, it is difficult to even think about getting close to that special someone if you are concerned your breath is less than fresh. Bad breath (halitosis) can be temporarily caused by your food choices and it is simply a matter of waiting until the food has been eliminated from your body. Persistent halitosis is frequently caused by poor dental hygiene or is a symptom of dental problems. If you are concerned your breath is less than fresh, then don’t worry because Margolian Dentistry can help you.

How Does Poor Oral Hygiene Cause Bad Breath?
Failing to brush twice daily and to floss once-a-day results in food particles and bacteria remaining trapped in between your teeth, on your gums and on your tongue. These food particles will gradually rot, giving off noxious odors and they provide the perfect energy source for bacteria to thrive and multiply. If you continually neglect your oral hygiene, your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other mouth infections is much higher.

Other Causes of Bad Breath
Halitosis can be due to medications or may be worsened by certain diseases, especially those that cause dry mouth (xerostomia). This is because saliva has a protective effect on your dental health, washing away old skin cells, bacteria, and loose food particles, helping to keep your mouth clean and fresh. If you smoke or use tobacco products then you are more likely to have bad breath and your risk of cavities and gum disease is higher, so it is worth quitting if you can.

How Our Dentist in Oshawa Can Help You
When you come to see us, our dentist can gently examine your mouth and will want to know your medical history, so we can gain a complete picture of your dental health. We might also need to take digital dental x-rays which show us areas not visible to the naked eye, for example, the contact areas in between your teeth. Using this information, we can diagnose any dental problems and if needed, we can provide a custom treatment plan. Often, we will use a tiny digital camera, called an intraoral camera to take images inside your mouth. These can be viewed on screens in our treatment rooms, so you can see what we see, and we can explain any dental problems more easily.

Treating Any Dental Problems
Any signs of gum disease, tooth decay or other dental infections can be treated using up-to-date procedures. These treatments will help to restore fresh breath while protecting your teeth. If you have dry mouth then our dentist can suggest suitable ways to cope with this problem, reducing and managing the risk to your dental health.

Professional Teeth Cleaning
If it has been a while since your teeth were professionally cleaned, then we will suggest you see our hygienist in Ajax. Regular professional cleanings are an easy way to help maintain healthy teeth and gums, leaving you with nice fresh breath. Our hygienist is very gentle and can provide some great tips on looking after your teeth at home.

The good news is that once you have great dental health and fresh breath then it should be easy to maintain year-round with regular professional dental care and a good oral care routine at home. On average, most people only need to see a hygienist and dentist in Whitby every six months to maintain a healthy smile.

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