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April is Oral Health Month in Canada

This month is National Oral Health Month in Canada. We thought it would be an excellent opportunity to talk about the common problems that can be caused when your oral health isn’t quite as good as you’d like.
Your mouth is an integral part of your body, but lots of people tend to think of it as being somehow separate. By thinking of it as a separate entity, it’s easier to ignore signs that something might be wrong such as bleeding gums, tenderness or pain. If we experience these symptoms elsewhere, then we’ll most likely book an appointment with the doctor.

The Impact of Poor Dental Health
In fact, poor dental health can negatively impact your quality of life. When you experience dental pain, have missing teeth or an infection, it can affect the foods you choose, the way you socialize and even the way you speak. Over time, problems with oral health can affect your sense of well-being and your physical and emotional health. We now know about the close connection between oral diseases and general health problems which include heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory illnesses. When you have poor dental health, this can aggravate general health problems. Maintaining a healthy mouth is just as important as trying to eat healthily and taking regular exercise.

The good news is that it is quite straightforward to look after your dental health. Listed below are a few easy steps to follow.

1.    See Your Dentist Regularly
Your regular dental checkups and cleanings form the backbone of any preventative dental care plan. Did you know that nearly half of all Canadians who haven’t visited their dentist in the past 12 months have gum disease? Your regular dental examinations are the easiest way for our dentist in Whitby to detect and prevent any problems. Hygiene appointments are great for maintaining healthy gums and for getting lots of useful advice on oral care at home.

2.    Clean Your Teeth Properly
You cannot have good oral health unless you commit to brushing your teeth twice a day. To brush your teeth, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure you brush for at least two minutes each time. If you prefer to use a manual brush, use the timer on your phone or place a small timer in your bathroom because it’s really easy to overestimate those two minutes!

3.    Don’t Forget to Floss
Flossing is another essential daily task, but we know lots of people only floss when they have something stuck in between their teeth. If this applies to you, then let us help you. Our friendly dental team here at Margolian Dentistry can show you different ways to clean in between your teeth, and we’re sure we can find a solution you’ll find comfortable to use each day.

4.    Choose Nourishing Foods
Eating well protects your dental and general health, ensuring your body has everything it needs for healthy teeth and gums. Try to eat a well-balanced diet that includes tooth-friendly foods like sugar-free yogurt, cheese and fresh veggies and fruits.

5.    Get to Know Your Mouth
In between visits to our Ajax dental practice, get to know your mouth by regularly examining your gums, tongue and cheeks and lips. Look out for signs such as bad breath, bleeding gums, sore patches or any unexplained lumps and bumps in your mouth. If you see anything wrong, or even if you aren’t sure, get in touch with us for some friendly help and advice.

Has it been a while since you visited your dentist in Oshawa? Make April the month you get your oral health back on track.

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