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Why Get a Sports Mouth Guard to Protect Your Smile?

Do you or your family love to play sports? It is a great way to stay fit and healthy and to build social relationships with others. But, every year a dentist in Whitby will see far too many dental injuries because of sporting accidents. While some of these accidents are caused by contact sports, they can also be due to injuries sustained during non-contact sports such as horse riding or skateboarding. Often the severity of the injury could have been reduced considerably if that person had only worn a well-fitting mouth guard.

Dental injuries are distressing, and although we can provide some excellent restorative care to help you smile again, the costs of treatment can be ongoing. For example, dental restorations like crowns or bridges will almost certainly need to be replaced periodically during your lifetime. Our dental team at Margolian Dentistry would much prefer to preserve your natural teeth, and a sports mouth guard is a cost-effective way to protect your pearly whites. If there is any chance you could take a blow to the mouth during sports, then surely it is far better to reduce your risk? There are several different types of mouth guards to choose from, and you can read a brief overview of each below.

Stock Mouth Guards
Stock mouth guards are very inexpensive and readily available in sporting goods stores. However, they do not fit the teeth correctly and if you were to take a blow to the mouth them most likely only a few of your teeth would be in contact with the mouth guard. As a result, the forces of the blow will not be distributed evenly, and the effects could be worse than not wearing a mouth guard at all. Additionally, these mouth guards are frequently very uncomfortable and might even hinder breathing. Also if you do buy one, you might not feel inclined to wear it every time.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards
These mouth guards are a bit better because they are softened in hot water before being adapted to fit the mouth by the wearer. But, they are easy to bite through and will only last a few months at best, and they offer only minimal protection.

Custom Fit Mouth Guards
A custom-fitted mouth guard can be provided by your dentist in Oshawa and is strong, durable and comfortable to wear. A custom fit mouth guard is made to fit precisely over your teeth, using an exact model of your mouth, and it is designed to give maximum protection while you enjoy your chosen sport. If you do take a blow to the mouth, then thanks to the design of the mouth guard, the forces will be more evenly distributed, minimizing the damage to your teeth. A custom fit mouth guard is a bit more money than an over-the-counter mouth guard, but because it is comfortable to wear, you’re far more likely to use it each time you play sports. Additionally, protecting your teeth and jaws is a more cost-effective and far less traumatic approach than putting yourself at risk of injury.

How Long Will a Custom Fit Mouth Guard Last?
If you do have a custom fit mouth guard, then our dentist in Ajax will check it regularly, to ensure it still fits correctly and is still protecting your teeth. An adult mouth guard should last for quite a while. Children might need their mouth guard replacing more frequently to accommodate their developing teeth and jaws.

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