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Using Digital Technology to Create Your New Smile

Did you realize we can use the very latest digital technology to create your new smile, whether you need a new crown, bridge, or a beautiful veneer? Even better, when you visit Margolian Dentistry, your new restoration could be ready within a matter of hours and will simply need to be fitted into the mouth.  Your digital experience begins immediately after your teeth are prepared.

Digital Dental Impressions in Whitby
Remember traditional dental impressions where you needed to keep perfectly still? It is amazing long just a few minutes can seem when you are struggling not to gag or move! Thankfully, we have a much better solution as our office is equipped with an iTero intraoral scanner. Instead of a dental impression, we can scan your teeth. The scanner takes hundreds of images which are stitched together to create a 3-D virtual model of your teeth. It only takes a minute or two to capture this information, and it is a far more comfortable process. The scanner sends this information to a computer where using specialized software, we can design your new restoration. Once we are entirely happy with the design, it is transmitted to our in-office milling machine.

Making Your New Teeth
Once the milling machine receives the instructions for the design, it begins fabricating your new restoration from a block of pure ceramic material that is pre-coloured to match your natural teeth. It doesn’t take very long to create your new restoration, after which it is hand-finished and polished.

What are the Advantages of Digital Dentistry in Ajax?
One of the most immediately obvious advantages is increased comfort for our patients, and especially if you do have a strong gag reflex or trouble opening your mouth. Also, using digital dental impressions is a more environmentally desirable option. Conventional dental impression material and disposable impression trays would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Once the digital impression is captured, it is almost instantly viewable, so that we can check its quality and accuracy, and if needed can take another impression while you are still in the chair. Digital dental impressions are more accurate than conventional impressions, so the restorations produced are better fitting, offering maximum protection for your teeth. When a restoration fits more accurately and is precision-made, it helps to seal in the tooth underneath more effectively, preventing disease-causing bacteria from getting inside the tooth.

The restorations created by the milling machine are extremely high-quality. The ceramic material is durable and highly aesthetic, so your teeth will look and feel natural and attractive. Also, because the restorations are made so quickly, there is no need to wear temporary restorations for two weeks or more. Even though we take a great deal of trouble when making temporary teeth, they can never look quite as good as your permanent crown, bridge or porcelain veneer in Oshawa.

Are All Dental Restorations Made in the Dental Office?
Although many dental restorations can be made here at Margolian Dentistry, there are times when we need to send work to our dental laboratory and where there will be a wait for the permanent restorations to be hand-crafted. Complicated smile makeovers or full-mouth restorations can often combine several techniques and types of restorations that will take longer to custom-make. However, even when we do need to send work outside our dental office, we will take a digital dental impression. The digital file is emailed securely to the dental laboratory, so they could receive it while you are in the dental chair. You will still receive precision-made teeth that look and feel fantastic.

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