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Pregnancy Oral Health

Our bodies are changing a lot during pregnancy and with all the hormones floating around it is no surprise our mouth will be affected too. One of the biggest changes in the mouth with pregnancy is the health of the gums. There is a common condition termed pregnancy gingivitis, which involves gum inflammation and irritation due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. The gums become more sensitive to the normal factors that cause gum inflammation such as plaque and tartar build up on the teeth. To combat this we suggest pregnant women come in for cleaning more often on a 3-4 month schedule.


There is also a tendency for new mothers to experience more cavities than they had prior to becoming pregnant. There is a misconception that this is due to the “baby stealing the calcium from the teeth”. However this is not the case, as unlike our bones which are constantly remodelling and do need a constant supply of calcium, our teeth are fully formed by adulthood and do not need this ongoing calcium supply. Although it is true that pregnant and new mothers do tend to experience an increase in cavities. Some contributing factors to this increase include:


  1. Morning Sickness: regular or occasional vomiting during pregnancy brings up stomach acids with can cause tooth erosion and dental cavities.
  1. Acid Reflux: The growing baby puts pressure on the mothers’ stomach and increases their likelihood to experience acid reflux. This stomach acid can wear away teeth enamel and increase the risk for dental cavities.
  1. Changes in Oral Hygiene: Often new moms are so busy caring for their newborn they can lack a bit on their own oral care. A decrease in proper brushing and regular flossing can cause more cavities in these new moms.
  1. Changes in Diet: Some women find they increase their intake of sugary food during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This can also cause an increase in the number of cavities forming.


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