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Ill-Fitting Dentures and What to Do About Them

Do you currently wear full or partial dentures? Is your denture causing you problems? A well-fitting denture can be a great solution for tooth loss, and here at Margolian Dentistry, we take enormous care when designing and fabricating full and partial dentures. But, they do need continual maintenance and care and will need regular relines or remaking entirely. One common problem facing denture wearers is the destruction of the jawbone.

Jawbone Loss
When your natural teeth are removed, your jawbone gradually shrinks as the bone adjusts and remodels. Some bone loss is unavoidable because your jawbone relies on the stimulation provided by your tooth roots to keep its shape. Although your jawbone will shrink, your denture certainly won’t, which is why even the best-made dentures will no longer fit as snugly and as securely as originally. An ill-fitting denture can actually accelerate jawbone loss, which is why regular denture adjustments and denture relines in Whitby are crucial. Some people are proud of the fact they have worn the same set of dentures for many years, but their thriftiness could have caused more damage to their jawbone so that even when their dentures are eventually replaced, there will be less bone for good retention. Also, the effects of jawbone loss may be prematurely ageing.

Prematurely Ageing
As your jawbone shrinks, the dimensions of your face changes, reducing the distance between your upper and lower jaws. Your facial muscles will lack the support provided by natural teeth or a well-fitting denture so your facial features may start to collapse inward, creating unwanted facial folds and wrinkles. A new denture can help to restore your face to its correct dimensions, reducing these effects.

Problems Speaking
Ill-fitting dentures can make it very tricky to speak clearly. Good clear speech relies on the tongue, lips, cheeks, and the roof of the mouth, as well the teeth working together correctly. When a denture is fitted properly, all these structures will work together as they should.

Poor Nutrition
Dentures lack the chewing power provided by natural teeth, even when fitting properly and it can be worse when they don’t fit correctly. A poorly fitting denture can rub uncomfortably on the gums, making it painful and tricky to eat anything other than very softs foods requiring minimal chewing. When food choices are limited, it is much more difficult to eat nutritiously. This is a problem at any age, but especially for people who might already have health problems and who struggle to fight infection and disease.

Solutions for Ill-Fitting Dentures
If you do have ill-fitting or ageing dentures, there may be several solutions to consider. One option is to have your denture relined, where our dentist in Ajax will add additional denture material to the fitting surface of your denture to more closely fit to the new shape of your jawbone. Ageing dentures may benefit from being replaced entirely and can be custom-designed to meet your requirements. An alternative is to consider implant-retained dentures.

Implant-Retained Dentures
Implant-retained dentures in Oshawa will remain firmly in position, eliminating many of the problems associated with speaking and eating. An implant overdenture clips onto dental implants positioned in your jaw but can still be removed for easy cleaning. Another solution is to consider getting rid of your denture entirely and replacing it with an implant-retained bridge. A nice thing about dental implants is that they help to preserve your jawbone and, with the right dental care your dental implants should give many years of service. They may even last you for life.

Please don’t forget that even if you have full dentures that feel comfortable and well-fitting, your regular check-ups are a must. We still need to check the inside of your mouth for any signs of disease and to carry out regular oral cancer screenings.

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