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Is Tooth Loss Ruining Your Smile? The Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss might be commonplace but that doesn’t make it any more bearable, and while dentures and tooth-supported bridges are potential solutions, dental implants might well be a preferable option. Dental implants are fast becoming one of the most popular dental services available. Treatment is useful for replacing single or multiple teeth or for restoring entire arches, and implant teeth are durable and reliable. A dental implant is made from medical-grade titanium alloy and is a small screw which is inserted surgically into the jawbone, providing a strong anchorage point for a replacement implant tooth.

Here are some of the benefits of having dental implants in Whitby.

Preventing Bone Loss
Some of your jawbone is naturally resorbed after teeth are extracted because the bone is continually remodelling. Without the stimulation provided by tooth roots, old bone cells are no longer automatically renewed. Jawbone resorption can cause a whole host of problems, destabilizing adjacent teeth and making it difficult to wear dentures comfortably. Dental implants are the only solution for missing teeth that prevent this bone loss, performing like real tooth roots and providing the stimulation needed to ensure old bone cells are replaced.

A More Natural Feel and Appearance
Lots of people already have dental implants, but you would probably never realize it because their implant teeth look so good! Well-planned and designed dental implants in Oshawa look and feel much like natural teeth or could look even better than before. Here at Margolian Dentistry, every dental implant treatment is individually customized to provide you with an optimal outcome.

Preserving Your Bite
Tooth loss can affect your bite and especially if adjacent or opposing teeth shift towards the empty space, weakening your bite and your ability to chew comfortably. Dental implant teeth are strong and prevent other teeth from moving out of place, which in turn protects them. With dental implants, your biting force will be similar to real teeth, and especially if you have an implant crown or bridge.

A More Permanent Solution
Dental implants can last for years, provided you care for them properly, making them an excellent long-term solution. The success rate of implant treatment is extremely high, typically 95% or more.

Ensuring Treatment is Successful
We take considerable care to ensure every dental implant treatment is as successful as possible. Every patient is carefully screened for suitability, and we will only suggest you have dental implants if we feel it is the best and most appropriate solution. All implant treatments are planned and placed using advanced digital technology, so when you sit down for your oral surgery, we already know exactly where to insert each implant, right down to the nearest millimetre! This precise approach to planning ensures your dental implant surgery is smoother and quicker, and once your implants are fully restored, we know your teeth will function properly, and they should look great.

Suitable for Most People
One of the nice things about dental implants in Ajax is that they are suitable for most people. It is a common misconception that age is a barrier, but only if you are too young for treatment! Your teeth and jaws must have finished growing before you can receive dental implants and it certainly doesn’t matter if you are older.

In fact, dental implants are frequently a good treatment choice for any adult who is missing teeth and especially people with full or partial dentures that may have become increasingly loose and uncomfortable over time. Relying on messy denture adhesives to retain ill-fitting dentures is far from ideal and can prove expensive too. With implant teeth, you can talk, laugh and eat properly, without any fears or concerns about loose teeth. Just imagine how good that could feel.

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