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Why Book a Dental Cleaning with Your Checkup?

If you are a regular visitor to Margolian Dentistry, then you will know we always encourage our patients to have their teeth professionally cleaned. But why is a hygiene appointment necessary and how can it help your dental health?

In fact, having your teeth cleaned professionally is an excellent treatment that will help you to maintain an optimal level of dental health more efficiently and it should form part of any good, ongoing preventative dental care plan. Even if you meticulously brush and floss your teeth each day, it’s inevitable that some plaque and calculus (tartar) will remain on your teeth in areas that are hard to reach. These substances contain bacteria which increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When calculus and plaque remain on the teeth, the bacteria in these substances produce toxins and acids that weaken your tooth enamel, and which can gradually infect your gums.

What Happens during a Professional Dental Cleaning?
During a professional dental cleaning, all your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, completely removing calculus in areas where it can build up, from in between your teeth and from around your gum line. Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, our hygienist can gently polish them. Having your teeth polished will leave them beautifully smooth, so it is harder for bacteria to adhere to your teeth. At the same time, your mouth should feel incredibly fresh and clean. There’s nothing quite like that “just been to the dentist” feeling for lovely fresh breath. If you’ve ever wondered how to brush or floss your teeth more efficiently, or have any questions about your oral health, then why not ask your hygienist? If needed, our hygienist in Oshawa can also point out areas you might be missing when you brush and floss, and you will almost certainly learn a few useful tips and tricks to use at home.

When you have your teeth professionally cleaned, the condition of your gums is also carefully assessed. Our hygienist or dentist in Whitby can take precise measurements using what’s called a periodontal probe which measures the gap in between your gums and teeth. These measurements tell us a great deal about the condition of your gums and their health. If the space in between your gums and teeth increases from one visit to the next, it could be an indication that you have gum disease, especially if you have noticed your gums seem a little more fragile than you remember and that they sometimes bleed when you brush or floss your teeth.

Why We Worry about Gum Disease
Dentists in Ajax are particularly concerned about gum disease because it can cause so much destruction. If you do develop gum disease, it can destroy your gums and other structures around your teeth, including bone, eventually leading to tooth loss. During its earliest stages, gum disease can still be reversed, but often it’s what’s called a “silent disease,” and there are so few symptoms that it’s easy to overlook this problem. Regular preventative dental care can quickly detect the early signs of gum disease so that we can provide suitable treatment to help eliminate this bacterial infection, hopefully well before it causes any permanent damage to your mouth.

Often, it’s easiest have your teeth cleaned at the same time as your regular dental checkup. That way you can hopefully receive all the treatment you need to keep your mouth in great shape for another six months.

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